Smart Home Wiring


What is “Smart Home Wiring”? What is a “Smart Home”? Many Builders mistakenly define a “Smart-Home” or a “Smart-Wired-Home” as referring to the non-electrical cabling such as TV Antenne cables, NBN/Telephone cabling and hard-wired Ethernet Ports that are sometimes installed by a “cabler” rather than an electrician. A more modern definition of a “Smart Home” […]

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Smart TV Setup

smart tv

There’s nothing worse than spending all that money on a TV only for it to not work properly! TVs are getting “smarter”, but it also means they’re harder than ever to set up. If you have a Smart-TV, Foxtel IQ, Roku, Telstra TV, Fetch TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and/or soundbar/surround sound system (Sonos), we can

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