Smart Home Wiring

What is “Smart Home Wiring”? What is a “Smart Home”?

Many Builders mistakenly define a “Smart-Home” or a “Smart-Wired-Home” as referring to the non-electrical cabling such as TV Antenne cables, NBN/Telephone cabling and hard-wired Ethernet Ports that are sometimes installed by a “cabler” rather than an electrician.

A more modern definition of a “Smart Home” (and our definition) is more closely aligned to an “Intelligent-Home” where multiple IOT (Internet of Things) devices connect to each other and the Internet over Wi-Fi and Ethernet cabling.

Devices such as Smart TV’s, Gaming Consoles, Hi-Fi speakers, Personal Assistants, Door Bells, Security Camera’s and of course, Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Phones.

Warning – What Builders are offering as “Smart-wiring” package will not give you the functionality you are looking for as they DO NOT allow for Wi-Fi using Wireless Access Points

Example: As advertised – “Complete Smart Wiring PACKAGE” – 4 x Data Points,1 x Phone Point,4 x Antenna Points,1 x Switch 5 Port,1 x Hills Lockup Home Hub,1 x Log HD Digital Antenna,1 x 24 db booster,

Example 2 – As advertised – “3 Point Pack” (Internet Point, TV Point, Phone Point) The 3 Point Pack is your home tech starting point, which may already be included in your building contract if you’re building a new home.

Ask yourself this question? Do I need a TV Aerial?
How many people actually watch Free-to-Air TV? and if you do, there are Live options available in the channel streaming app.

Ask yourself, Do I need a data Point?
Dont your devices all work on Wi-Fi?

Ask yourself, Do I need a Phone Point?
How many people still use a land-land? and those that do, connect to the back of the NBN modem.

Even Foxtel subscribers DO NOT need a data-point as the IQ3, IQ4 and IQ5 all connect by Wi-Fi.

So before you get sucked into a useless “Smart-Wiring” Builders package, think twice and ask them how much to install a whole-of-house Wireless Access Point solution as details here:

Wi-Fi Not reaching every part of your house?
Whole of House Wi-Fi Solution