Is it worth keeping an old iPhone as spare?

Like many Apple iPhone users many of us keep our old 2 or 3 year old iPhone as a “backup” in case of emergencies.

Is this wise or is it better to “trade-in” an old iPhones when we purchase a new one?

If you keep an old iPhone as a backup or emergency phone, it needs to be able to restore your settings and apps from an iCloud backup. This can only be done if your old iPhone can firstly be updated to the same iOS version as your current phone.

Not a problem you say! If you are currently using iOS 17, then the only phones that will support iOS 17 are the iPhone XR or later. My personal backup phone was a mint condition iPhone X ….. of no use to me now but still fully supported for another 3 years yet…. time to pass it on to an elderly relative…… or trade it in.

I can get up to A$135 for my old iPhone X, if I trade it against the latest iPhone model.