bigpond outgoing mail not working

Business Email Options

50 or 100 GB mailboxes

Need a larger email box for Business emails or a professional email service using your own domain? Whether you’re looking for a larger e-mail mailbox or a more secure/reliable email service or you simply need a professional email address/website using your own domain. iTechWA can help. Only Microsoft Exchange mailboxes offer unlimited email storage, messages […]

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POP3 mailbox problems

pop3 email

Bigpond, Optus, iiNet users. Are you still using a POP3 Mailbox? POP v IMAP ….. which email protocol are you using? If POP you need to change ASAP Older Australian’s are often still using the original email protocol (as it was the only one back in the day) called “POP3” (POP for short) which stood

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Email Problems

i need email

How much do you rely on your email? Did you realise that your Optus, iiNet, Westnet or Bigpond email accounts could suddenly stop working and there would be very little you could do about it? The above ISP emails all have quota/size limits? and those limits are very small, especially if you have 20 years+

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