Having Bigpond email issues on your Mac or Windows computer?

bigpond mail

An update to Windows, Office or Apple can often break your ability to send/receive emails through your @bigpond (Telstra) account.

Telstra are not the easiest company to get technical support from and we do NOT recommend trying to call them. Instead, as long as you know your bigpond login details (usually the same as your webmail or Telstra account) or use the “Tesltra” or “MyTelstra” App on your phone

For a PC or Tablet try this …


Telstra Troubleshooter

You now need to sign in with your Telstra details, confirm your identity

This is the quickest and most convenient way of contacting Telstra via their website

Using the phone App is even easier

Telstra App

Click on “Get Help” …. if you see the blue chat icon click on that, else choose “Get in touch” – “Start a New Enquiry”

POP/IMAP settings for Bigpond


If you cannot remember your login, here are the details as of early 2022, but always login to the Telstra site to get the latest updates.

For Microsoft Windows – Live Mail, Mail 10 or Vista Mail

IMAP993SSLimap.telstra.comWe recommend IMAP over POP if you are using many devices to access your Bigpond emails.
POP995SSLpop.telstra.comWe recommend POP if you only use one device to access your Bigpond hosted emails.
SMTP587START/TLSsmtp.telstra.comMake sure you have set your email client to authenticate your SMTP session.

If Telstra tells you the problem is with your modem, troubleshoot following this guide

Apple Mail issues with Bigpond/Telstra Email accounts

When you configure a Bigpond POP mail account the auto-complete does not always configure the SMTP settings correctly. The outgoing mail server (SMTP) may show as “Bigpond Offline”

If it doesn’t, check the following in Apple Mail

mail > preferences > accounts

un-tick the “Automatically manage connection settings”

and try ticking the box “Use TLS/SSL” and set authentication to “Password”

If you are on Telstra POP email …. get off ASAP

Please read the following article to determine if you are on the legacy POP or POP3 Bigpond email servers or the newer Telstra IMAP servers

POP3 mailbox problems