Are you having iiNet Email issues using Outlook?

iiNet email closing down on 30 Nov 23

Once apon a time …. adding an iiNet or Westnet email address to Microsoft Outlook was easy. Not anymore!!

If Outlook and your iiNet/Westnet email accounts are working well. Then let sleeping dogs lie … if you have to add them back again, you may struggle.

It used to be that Outlook would “Auto-detect” iiNet and Westnet email account settings, but since recent updates by iiNet, you now have to manually add the server and port details… and good luck getting any help from iiNet, they now wash their hands and refuse to help and simply point you to this webpage

It appears that iiNet (TPG) have been streamlining their email settings amongst their sister companies in the iiNet family (iiNet, Westnet, AAPT, Adam Internet, Echidna, Froggy, Grapevine,iHug,Netspace, Octa4,Ozemail, Powerup,SENet, Supernerd,Tassie,TransACT (Ncable),Up’n’Away,WebOne,)

These are the iiNet IMAP settings we found to work in Outlook

Outlook for Windows
Outlook for Mac

The above is for Office 365 Outlook, you may find that earlier versions of Office will not support these settings.

If so, we maybe able to help in person (Perth Western Suburbs) or remotely elsewhere in Australia.

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iiNet email closing down on 30 Nov 23