Remote Support – Windows 10 & 11

Instructions on how we can assist users with remote support if you use a Windows computer running Windows 10 or Windows 11

Windows 10 and 11 have a built-in remote support app called “Quick Assist”

You will need to run the “Quick Assist” app on your computer by following these instructions

  1. Start the “Quick Assist” app, by locating “search” or “Run” and type in the phrase, “Quick Assist” and then launch the app as per screenshot below (you can locate the “Run” or “Search” options by right-clicking over the windows icon)

2. Call us and upon Quick Assist starting, we will give you a code to type into the “Get Help” window on your computer. 

3. From here on, we will give you further instructions over the telephone to complete the process. This will allow us to see the screen or take over the session

4. Once you close “Quick Assist” we will lose the connection to your computer and you will be in complete control again

For us to gain future access, the above procedure with a new code will be required.