Is my iPhone still getting security updates?

old iphone models

Since 27th March 2023 only iPhone models 6S and higher have been receiving security updates.

This means that your iPhone could be susceptible to being hacked or compromised. See the current supported list here if an iPhone 6 or earlier.

How do I tell what model iPhone I have?

Look in “Settings” and goto General > About, and look for “Model Name”

What is the current iOS Version?

Apple annually bring out a new iOS operating system and drop another generation of older iPhones being supported. At the time of writing iOS 17 had just been introduced which is only compatible with iPhone X, SE and later models

However, at the time (November 2023) older iPhones (iPhone 6S and above) are still receiving security updates to iOS 15 and 16 but they cannot be updated to iOS 17.

Which iPhones no longer receive security updates?

iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and earlier are not receiving security updates and should be replaced with a newer model.

How much is it to repair a cracked iPhone screen in Australia?

Using Apple’s Repair Estimation tool, they quote a screen replacement for an iPhone 7 or 8, start at A$265, iPhone X screen repair starts at A$465 …. click here for full details

Do I need to buy a new iPhone?

No. You can purchase recondition models for a fraction of the price of a new iPhone 15.

Currently you can purchase reconditioned iPhone 8 and newer from the Kogan website from around A$200.

However, the more current the model, the longer it will receive security updates. At the moment the latest iPhones appear to be receiving updates for up to 6 years.

Also consider that you can trade-in some iPhone models with Apple. Get $40–$650 when you trade in an iPhone model 7 or higher. Details here.

Is my iPhone Vintage or Obsolete?

To find out more about Vintage and Obsolete iPhone models, click here

How much longer will my iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 be supported?

As the iPhone 6 was dropped this year, iPhone 6S may only be supported until 2024, iPhone 7 possibly 2025.

How do I remove my data from my old iPhone?

Assuming you are moving to a newer iPhone, you will first want to backup your data so it can be transferred to the newer model.

This can be done in one of two ways. Full details here

  1. Backup iPhone via iCloud using Wi-Fi
  2. Backup iPhone to a Mac or PC using the charger cable

Once you are certain you have your data securely backed up, you can erase the data from your old phone and reset it back to factory settings, as follows.

On old iPhone Goto Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase all content and settings

And simply follow the prompts

When you get your new iPhone, simply transfer the SIM card from the old iPhone to the new iPhone, switch it on and sign in to your iCloud account and follow the prompts. You can choose to setup the phone without your old backed up data or not.