Beware iiNet/Westnet/TPG Scams/Phishing attempts

In the wake of the forced e-mail migration of TPG customers has come a raft of SCAM emails and phishing attempts aimed at iiNet/Westnet/TPG customers such as the following:

To spot if these emails are genuine or not, look at the emails they were sent from

Unless the emails are from a TPG, iiNet, or Westnet account, then they are clearly a scam … the following example came from and by hovering over the link in the email it was clearly from

We have been told of iiNet/Westnet customers receiving multiple emails daily all purporting to be from TPG or one of its companies… so please be very carefull and not trust such emails

From: westnet@noreply <>
Sent: Friday, August 25, 2023 1:57 AM
Subject: Invalidation of your westnet subscription

Hi , It was not possible to process the subscription payment. To continue using our services, please check and update your payment information as soon as possible. If you don’t change your billing information, your subscription will expire in 7 days. Please click here to login in .

Thank you once again for your time today.
Kind Regards

The Westnet Team  
If in doubt that an email is genuine or not, please forward to and we will verify its authentication for you, without charge

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