iiNet email closing down on 30 Nov 23

Would you subscribe to a paid service when you don’t know how much the service will cost you? Well that is what TPG (iinet, westnet etc) customers are expected to do before having their email accounts SUSPENDED on 12th SEPTEMBER 2023 and then losing their emails on 30th November 2023

The email from iiNet states:

“To keep using your email address, ????, you’ll need to opt-in to transferring to The Messaging Company by 12/09/2023, otherwise your email address may be suspended”

TPG and their subsidaries (iiNet, Westnet Vodafone, AAPT, Internode, Lebara etc) have recently announced …

iiNet has made the decision to stop providing email services across iiNet and all subsidiary brands in 2023. This change will help us focus on creating better experiences for our core products: internet and mobile

In Summary …all TPG email customers, will lose access to their email accounts from 30 November 2023, unless they agree to transfer their mail to another TPG company “The Messaging Company” and the service will cease to be free from 15th September 2024.

In addition to the email service becoming paid in 2024, TPG will not disclose what the pricing of the service will be.

However, enquires by the Australian Financial Review have found the email service (The Messaging Service) will be chargeable from $4 per month from September 2024

TPG/iiNet Email service, $4 permonth from September 2024

This comes on the back of iiNet cancelling Hosted Exchange email services on 30th April this year. The decision – and how the company has gone about communicating it – has angered many former customers who moved their services away from TPG. Clients were informed by email sent out in early March which caught most everyone by surprise. Specifically, customer complaints include the short timeframe to migrate at around 7-8 weeks, the lack of a staggered shutdown, and lengthy waits for phone or web support.

It has not gone unnoticed that in December 2022, TPG – owners of iiNet – revealed a cyber breach with the emails of 15,000 iiNet and Westnet customers were exposed in a hack.

We do NOT recommend transferring e-mails to The Message Company, which is another TPG company.

We advice customers to setup an (the old hotmail) as a replacement free email serviceand use. You get 15GB free email and if you have a 365 subscription that goes up to 50GB … TPG/iiNet and “The Messaging Company” only provide 1GB of email storage.

There is a feature in the iinet Mailbox where you can forward email to another account, so simply redirect it to the account and start using that. People will get used to replying to that and iinet are not going to turn that email address off in the short term (else you cannot login and pay for your account) and they need a means of allowing account holders to recover their passwords.

If you use TPG/iiNet/Westnet etc as your ISP (Internet service provider), we suggest you change that also. There are many Australian owned ISP’s with similar pricing AND Australian call-centres with far superior customer service. Suggestions for alternative NBN providers are AussieBroadband, for fixed-wireless, Pentanet or Node-One and in rural areas, Starlink. (Microsoft) is preferable to Gmail (Google) as they do not use your data for marketing purposes as Google do.

If you are a business using an iinet account. Time to get off it and setup your own domain. We can help you there also.

Business Email Options

If you need help migrating your emails and folders, addresses etc from iinet to we can also help there.