Why store company data in SharePoint rather than OneDrive?

onedrive v sharepoint

While OneDrive and SharePoint both provide an online space to access files, their broader use is what separates them. So why store company data in SharePoint rather than Onedrive?

SharePoint is predominantly an online document management system and communication site.

OneDrive is a cloud storage solution that people mainly use to create an online backup of their files or for personal use.

This article discusses the benefits of storing corporate data in SharePoint rather than OneDrive.


  1. SharePoint offers a comprehensive platform that provides a wide range of tools and features for document management, collaboration, communication, and project management
  2. SharePoint includes features such as user permissions, data encryption, and compliance controls that allow your business to manage and control access to sensitive data
  3. SharePoint gives you the ability to customise the platform to meet the specific needs of your business, such as creating custom workflows and automations


  1. OneDrive is a more basic platform designed primarily for personal and small team file storage and collaboration
  2. OneDrive offers some security features, but they are not as comprehensive or advanced as those offered by SharePoint
  3. OneDrive offers a limited range of customisation options, such as changing the colour scheme and background image of your account


Clearly storing corporate data in SharePoint has many more advantages in terms of functionality, security and customisation as compared to Onedrive, which is only suitable for data backup and personal data storage.

If your company is currently storing its collective data in one or more personal or corporate OneDrive libraries and then sharing individual files to team members, it is a disaster in the making and offers very little corporate data security in terms of data loss, data duplication, IP and cyber-security.

Consolidate and move your data to a well designed and considered SharePoint site (or sites) which provides access in line with users needs but without allowing them total control.

It is time that you controlled your own data, rather than allowing that data to control you.

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