An easy fix to extending your Wi-Fi further

Have you heard the expression … “Garbage in – Garbage Out?” Well believe it or not, the same thing applies if you want to extend your Wi-Fi signal to the other side of the house or into the garage.

Most devices in 2024 connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi which is usually supplied by a Dual-Band Modem (2.4 GHz and 5GHz) which connects your building to the Internet via NBN, Fixed Wireless, Satellite or 4G/5G mobile broadband.

Modems (usually supplied by your ISP – Internet Service Provider) will only supply Wi-Fi coverage for a few meters from the modem and the strength of the signal (and therefor Internet speed) will diminish the further you are from the modem and the number of walls and obstacles in the way of the signal.

To get Internet to other rooms, outside or another building, you need to employ one or more of the following explained in this article,

However, if you already receive a signal at the desired location but it is too weak or too slow. Firstly try the following quick hack. The following includes a real-life case study.

A client of iTech WA’s could not boost his Wi-Fi signal into an adjacent building, even after purchasing a Wi-Fi extender.

When we tested the signal at the desired location we detected download speeds of less than 1 mbps. Not enough to download e-mail, never mind watch Netflix.

After testing speeds at the modem and then via Wifi, we detected download speeds of only 12 mbps.

Further investigation found that the client was only paying for the lowest iiNet NBN package (NBN 12) ….. 12 Mbps download, 0.8 Mbps upload

At the desired destination point (garage) the speed was an unusable 1.34 Mbps download.

We advised the client to upgrade his NBN plan to iiNet’s NBN 50 plan and get a replacement modem (as his current one was over 3 years old) Once the new plan was activated and the new modem configured, we repeated the tests.

At the modem, he now gets the following:

… and in the garage, he now gets this. Not brilliant but enough to get Netflix, browse the web and check his emails.

As we said … “Garbage-in-Garbage-out”, increasing the incoming speed at the modem, meant increased speed at the desired location (garage).

An easy fix and not a cent wasted on additional hardware.

Wi-Fi Not reaching every part of your house?

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