Wi-Fi Not reaching every part of your house?

If not, why not!!

Standard Telstra/iiNet modems are only designed to give Wi-Fi access to one or two rooms from the modem, Further than that you need a “Booster”, “Extender” or ideally adopt Wireless Access Points (WAP) or “MESH” setup

#1 Best option for whole of house hi-speed Wi-Fi & Internet

Using Wireless Access Points (WAPS) is the best long-term “whole-of-house” Wi-Fi coverage solution and invoves an Electrican installing additional ethernet wiring, incloning phone/NBN line and power back to a central Comms-Cabinet. Well worth considering when building or renovating.

Ubiquiti Unifi WAP systems offer 100% Internet speed over multiple rooms and can cope with up to 250 concurrent clients.

Establish and setup a “Comms Box” (Communications Box/Cabinet) in an out-of-the-way location such as a garage, laundry or cupboard. Ideally somewhere cool and well ventilated.

4RU Comms Box

Relocate the modem, incoming telephone/NBN line into the comms box. From there all comms cables (ethernet cables) will be run and terminated. The diagram below shows a typical small deployment with a choice of WAP’s and traditional Ethernet wall plates.

4RU Cabinet with 8 port POE switch and Cloud Key.
4RU Cabinet with 8 port POE switch and Cloud Key.
Single Storey 2 x WAP deployment solution
Double Storey 4 x WAP deployment solution

The above solutions are totally scalable with POE Switch’s starting at 8 ports up to 48 Ports and a mixture of POE and non-POE ports (use the non-poe ports to connect to standard ethernet wall plates)

WAPS also come in a number of varieties, power, and mounting options, from standard ceiling mounts to wall mounts and desk mounts and building-to-building transmission options.

#2 Best Option for whole of house speed Wi-Fi & Internet

A more flexible whole-of-house wi-fi option not requiring any re-wiring, is to use a “Mesh Wi-Fi System” employing a number of “Mesh-Access-Points” through the house.

We recommend and sell the “Amplifi” mesh access point system from Ubiquiti. We are a recognised Perth supplier of Ubiquti products.

2 Storey House Amplifi Mesh Solution

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Deploying Mesh Points on multiple RC concrete floors, requires the signal to travel up stair-wells, so units must be deplyed at the bottom and the top of each stair well.

#3 Best Option for extending Wi-Fi & Internet to some rooms

Boosters and Extenders are a cheap-quick-fix solution that we do not recommend and are designed for self-installation, resulting in mixed results and may extend the signal a few more meters but with a significant speed drop off depending on the distance travelled, thickness of walls etc.