Do individuals and small businesses need Anti-Virus protection?

The global antivirus software market size grew from $4.06 billion in 2022 to $4.25 billion in 2023 and still continues to grow on the back of global corporate hacks, data breaches and geo-political conflict. So who is spending all this money on Anti-Virus products?

In a corporate or large business environment, Anti-Virus software along with hardware such as Firewalls, Smart-Switches and Security Gateways are a necessity to stop bad actors gaining access to corporate servers and infrastructure. The corporate gate-keepers need to be constantly on top of their game (or emply a company to provide that service) but they have not been in 2022.

But do individuals and small-businesses need to keep spending money on Anti-Virus products?

The Anti Virus products being purchased by most individuals and small-businesses are not addressing the most proliferant types of scams aimed at individuals and small businesses.

Does Anti-Virus Software Protect You in 2023?
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